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The game head soccer is one of its kind, at least when it was first surfaced, a few years back. Being excitingly unique, the game quickly caught a lot of attention and remained pretty popular in online games scene. Though the game name infers a game related to soccer, but to say the least, there is nothing ‘soccery’ about it except the ball.

Head Soccers is a 2D game, which means that you are viewing it from the side, involving two players who are continuously trying to put the ball in their opponent’s goal. Isn’t that some soccer over there? Not really. To put the ball inside the goal, distinctive features of each player come into the play. Rather than a soccer match, it gives a feel of a one-on-one wrestling match and that’s where the magic lies. The game can be best described as a quirky combination of soccer and two player fighting games. Pretty hard to digest combo but that is what makes head soccer unique and enticing.

Head Soccer Play Game Online Free

At first sight, the game is pretty easy to play. In the beginning, it is and probably everybody can easily ace through first few matches. As the game proceeds, it starts getting on your nerves. Keeping that aside for now, let us understand the basic controls. To manoeuvre your player left and right, there are arrow keys on the bottom left side of the screen. To jump and kick, there are buttons on the bottom right of your screen.

Head Soccer play game online free
Players can kick the ball and jump to defend shots from the other players. The special power shots of each player are distinct and are relatively difficult to defend. While head soccer is pretty easy to learn, it gets really difficult afterwards and eventually mastering it is no walk in the park.

Unlocking features and upgrades:

On winning each game, the player receives a fixed number of coins. These coins can be used to unlock features and upgrades. Upgrades include increasing skills of players, buying power shots or even buying new players. The coin gain with every game is pretty low so you have to win a lot of games before you can get a significant feature. Moreover, like any other such game, one can buy these upgrades and features by paying real money and avoiding the hassle of waiting too long to unlock the next feature.

Upsides of the game:
The game is unique and unprecedented in its concept. Head soccer is fun and can be conveniently learnt by even playing it casually. With that being said, the game is by no means always easy. It eventually gets harder and therefore is definitely not one of those games that are too easy and ultimately get boring for the player. Additionally, with some versions and devices, there is an option for online multiplayer which makes it feasible to match with your acquaintances.

Downsides of the game:
The downsides of head soccer have already been indirectly stated. The first and foremost downside is that coin gain is quite low with every win which makes it very difficult for the players to seamlessly progress in the game. For some players, the progress quickly comes to a halt and frustrated, they retreat towards quitting. Moreover, there are no ‘skills’ that are required to excel at the game. It’s mostly by chance that player scores. Most players first struggle and then figure out a cheat method to rival their opponents.

Head Soccer play game

Nevertheless, the game is still fun and can be addictive once a way to combat different opponents is figured out. It remains not too easy and also not unconquerable at the same time, and that is the challenging part what makes it really interesting.